About CryptoWallet IRA

About CryptoWallet IRA

About CryptoWallet IRA

CryptoWallet IRA is one of the United States leading specialists in Digital IRA set up and management, we work with a wide range of clientele who have the common goal of reaping the benefits of utilizing Cryptocurrency assets as part of their retirement savings portfolios.

The paper market has shown to be fragile, as evidenced by the global financial crisis. That is why CryptoWallet IRA has set out to give Americans access to a wider selection of assets within their tax-advantaged retirement account. We strive to educate our clientele about how digital currencies can serve as a powerful tool to help them reach their financial goals in ways that they never previously could imagine, while giving them straightforward guidance on how to utilize them effectively.

The CryptoWallet IRA Mission

Educate investors

We believe decision making based on in depth knowledge is conducive to growth, profitability and security when it comes to investments for retirement portfolios. CryptoWallet IRA strives to offer our customers a transparent view of what digital currencies can offer, and how they can put you in a position to reap long term benefits if utilized correctly.

Understand our customers' needs and goals

We understand that every customer is different, with varying goals. There is no uniform solution when it comes to offering retirement investment strategy. It is CryptoWallet IRAs mission to understand and serve to each customers unique goals, in accordance with the available capacity of each individual. We have a team of specialists who have the experience and knowledge to share the benefits of popular digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and advise the most suitable solution as they relate to an individual’s situation.

Removing the ‘Crypto Confusion’

Stigma surrounds the legitimacy of digital currencies; as such the idea of utilizing them in retirement portfolios can be intimidating to some. We believe this is down to a lack of knowledge regarding their safety, their benefits, and how they are used. CryptoWallet IRA strives to make this knowledge accessible to anyone. We keep you in the loop every step of the way, from opening and funding your account, to explaining the intricacies of digital currencies and their corresponding markets.

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan C. Rose

CEO and President

About CEO and President Jonathan C. Rose

Jonathan C. Rose is an authorized dealer of the United States Mint with over $1 billion in transactions and has a reputation as a trusted advisor featured by Forbes and the Huffington Post.

Having lectured at the IARFC (International
Association of Registered Financial Consultant) and with his extensive background in Precious Metals, he is also the Founder and CEO of the prestigious Capital Gold Group.

He spent the first half of his career working for firms like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache Securities.

Now he spends his time working in cooperation with established multinational organizations such as Royal London Mint to bring the latest Initial Coin Offerings to the marketplace.

With CryptoWallet IRA he offers his help to even the most inexperienced investor to take part in the historic and possible once in a lifetime investment opportunity that is cryptocurrency.

Who is CryptoWallet IRA?

CryptoWallet IRA is the creation of Jonathan Rose, CEO of CryptoWallet IRA, who saw that there was great potential in digital currencies as part of a retirement portfolio strategy. To know where this all started, we have to take you back to March 2014. The Internal Revenue Service issued IRS Notice 2014-21, which officially declared that for tax purposes, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are treated as property.

What else did this mean? It meant that digital currencies were eligible assets to be held inside IRA accounts. But, Mr. Rose saw a gap in the market when he realized that for the average investor creating and managing an IRA, or non IRA accounts, with digital currencies was extremely complex and difficult, so he set out to remove this barrier of entry to the market.

Crypto Wallet IRA is the solution to this problem, we are a platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of digital currencies as they relate to your retirement portfolio, whether you decide to purchase with liquid funds or use retirement vehicles such as IRA’s or 401k’s.

There are unparalleled advantages of buying digital currencies with CryptoWallet IRA and working with our preferred custodian Kingdom Trust, why is that? SECURITY.

If you are an individual entity holding a digital wallet, the odds of getting hacked increase tenfold. You are responsible for the 3 keys, with all of your private and confidential information, addresses and digital currencies. When our preferred custodian holds the digital wallet they are responsible for the 3 Keys with their own protocols and security measures.  The custodian will separate they Keys, the first key will be held securely by the custodian, the second key will be held by the digital wallet BitGo and the third key put into “Cold Storage” a Fort Knox-level of security. You as an individual will have viewing right to your wallet but now the liability and worry of protecting your keys is removed, unlike hold the keys yourself in one place. Custodians also have insurance policies in place if hacked, so does BitGo our preferred digital wallet company, as an individual there is NO Insurance if hacked!

CryptoWallet IRA offers full buying and
selling services, as well as:


Unrivaled Security in cooperation with BitGo using multi-encryption technology and top-tier cold key storage, offering Fort Knox-level of security.

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Complete Liquidity. Buy and sell cryptocurrency on an easy-to-use platform with same day settlement. Your investment is just a liquid as ordinary stocks


Daily Updates. Always be in the loop with our new system “crypto alert”, which sends you daily SMS alerts, and a 24/7 help desk ready to address every concern and to hold your hand every step of the way.