How Bitcoin IRA Works

Bitcoin IRA

CryptoWallet IRA

The cryptocurrency market is currently exploding to new record heights.  Now is the time to take advantage of this wave.  Adding cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to your IRA or 401k hasn’t been possible before now, but CryptoWallet IRA makes it simple.  CryptoWallet IRA’s platform allows you to self direct your IRA or 401k to hold cryptocurrencies.  It’s  secure, easy, IRS compliant, and you have 100% control over your IRA account.

Is Bitcoin IRA safe?

To protect your Bitcoin IRA against thieves and hackers, CryptoWallet IRA works alongside BitGo, the leader in multi-signature encryption technology.  BitGo generates three digital security keys, kept in three separate cold-storage locations.  Making Bitcoin investment one of the safest ways to secure your retirement.

Cold storage locations are kept offline, so hackers can’t access your keys anywhere on the Internet – further protecting your Bitcoin security!  To read more about how to keep your Bitcoin transactions safe, click here.

In fact, cryptocurrencies are far more safe than storing precious metals in your home or leaving your money with the banks. So yes, it is extremely safe to keep Bitcoin in your IRA.

CryptoWallet IRA is your all-inclusive digital currency IRA provider, and one of the leading Bitcoin IRA Companies.  We can help you protect your retirement dollars with IRS-compliant cryptocurrencies.

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CryptoWallet IRA ensures a safe transfer of your retirement funds into digital dollars, including:

You can harness the power of several different cryptocurrencies so you can not only take advantage of the potential growth associated with a Cryptocurrency IRA, but also hedge your bets at the same time!  That’s the beauty of Cryptocurrency investment.

3 Steps To Setup Your
Own CryptoWallet IRA

Setting up a CryptoWallet IRA is super simple and can be done in three steps.

step 1

Step one

Can I Buy Bitcoin With My IRA? Absolutely.
To set up CryptoWallet IRA for your retirement dollars, simply call in or click below to request your short and simple application.  Our Cryptocurrency Specialists will help you roll over your existing retirement account into a self-directed account to hold your cryptocurrencies.  It’s never been easier or safer to Buy Bitcoin with Your IRA.  The custodian for your CryptoWallet IRA will be Kingdom Trust, who manages over $12 billion in alternative assets around the world.

step 2

step two

Is this a Self Directed Bitcoin IRA? Yes.
Once your Bitcoin IRA Account is set up, you can then transfer funds from your existing retirement account to be transferred to a selection of cryptocurrencies you want to invest in.  Your Cryptocurrency Specialist will be available to walk you through your different product options and will help you diversify your CryptoWallet IRA to best suit your needs.

step 3

step three

Once your funds have arrived, your Cryptocurrency Specialist will schedule a phone call for you to finalize your CryptoWallet IRA.  It’s simple and easy to do!  Your CryptoWallet secures your cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet with our partner-firm, BitGo.  To learn more about your digital wallet, click here.

Your CryptoWallet IRA will receive tax-deferred status, like any retirement account.  Once you, as the account holder, have reached the retirement age of 59 ½ and begin withdrawing funds, then you will begin to pay taxes on your CryptoWallet IRA assets. There are no penalties associated with rolling over your existing retirement account, and a number of plans are eligible for this manner of roll over.  Existing IRAs, SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 403bs and 401ks are all eligible to be rolled over into a self-directed CryptoWallet Bitcoin IRA account. Your cryptocurrency assets will provide an additional opportunity to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional paper markets, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Typical Cryptocurrency IRA Portfolios




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Ripple (XRP)