Invest in Bytecoin



An Investment in Bytecoin

There are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market, each with a different spin to entice investors. Launched in July 2012, Bytecoin appeals to the most secretive crypto holders as it’s a completely untraceable (thanks to CryptoNote) peer-to-peer system. It’s one of the oldest cryptos on the market. It’s also fee free, as opposed to Bitcoin’s $25/transaction.


Total Amount of Coins

Each crypto is limited in how many tokens it can produce. Bitcoins has a total supply of 21 million. There will eventually be 184 billion BCNs emitted, though Bytecoin decreases the amount of tokens it releases every 120 seconds. This decreasing emission rate inflates the value of Bytecoin over time.

Transaction Processing Speed

Bytecoin allows users to transfer money instantaneously. Each block takes 120 seconds to complete. Bitcoin takes about ten minutes to complete a block.

Different Algorithms

Bitcoin’s algorithm,  SHA-256, is a Proof of Work algorithm that favors users with GPU and ASIC machines. This has caused Bitcoin to be heavily skewed towards supporting big industry users. Bytecoin attempted to give the power back to the people by using a CPU-mining Egalitarian Proof of Work algorithm which is ASIC and GPU resistant. They do also support business users, however.


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