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An Investment in Nano

Initially known as RaiBlocks, Nano has been in the crypto ecosystem since October 2015. Only in the last month or so has it risen to be one of the most notable cryptocoins, however.


Nano uses a block-lattice structure. Every account has its own blockchain and each block holds one transaction. It focuses on providing feeless instantaneous transactions with unlimited scalability, perfect for peer-to-peer payments. Nano was able to eliminate fees because it doesn’t need to be (and can’t be) mined. This also makes it energy efficient. Bitcoin’s fee is around $25/transaction.


Nano has five developers: Colin LeMahieu, Sergsw/byte16, James Coxon, Mica Busch and Zack Shapiro. There are also five community managers who can accommodate speakers of English, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, Indonesian and Italian. Nano is traded on KuCoin, Binance, OKEx and BitFlip.



Total Amount of Coins

All cryptos are limited to a maximum total supply. Bitcoin’s maximum coin allotment is 21 million. There are over 133 million Nanos. All XRBs allotted (aside from one) are currently in circulation. There are currently 16,889,975 BTCs circulating.

Transaction Processing Speed

While Bitcoin takes around nine minutes to process a single transaction, Nano processes them instantly. Additionally, Bitcoin’s network ledger requires over 100GB, whereas $NANOs takes up less than 2GB.

Different Algorithms

Bitcoin’s proof of work algorithm is SHA-256. Nano uses block-lattice Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) and a delegated proof of stake model (DPOS).


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