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Poken is the in-platform currency used in the Populous trading platform. It is similar to Ethereum, in the sense that Ethereum is not the currency but rather the platform for trading the Ether currency. 

Populous is a global P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice discounting platform built on blockchain technology. They combine the trust, transparency, security, and speed of blockchain with their proprietary smart contracts to directly pair invoice sellers and lenders to transact directly and without third parties. 

Their proprietary smart contracts reduce risk by utilizing XBRL data, Altman Z-scores, and other data to ensure the strong financial credit worthiness of businesses that want to sell invoices. 

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Poken: Explained 

The flow of funds within the platform are made possible through the use of custom stable currency tokens called Pokens. Pokens are pegged 1:1 with the national government currencies involved in a given transaction. For example: £8 GBP are represented by 8 Pokens (GBP). All transactions between invoice buyers and sellers are executed via Pokens. 

Since Pokens are ERC20 compliant, they allow you to take full advantage of the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of the custom stable Pokens shields the invoice buyers and sellers from market volatility. They also allow you to support currencies from any part of the world without the need of third parties. 

Populous: A company on the rise

Populous is trying to compete in the accounting finance industry where there will be two primary drivers of growth: targeted acquisition through XBRL and organic growth. 

There are currently 3 million companies on the Populous XBRL database. 

They are building a platform in which companies can list their invoices and investors can fill them with their tokens and earn interest on the invoices. When the invoices are filled, the PPT tokens are returned to the investor in addition to the interest earned. So essentially your money invested into the tokens will not only appreciate in value, but they’ll also help earn you money while they’re sitting around in your portfolio.


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