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An Investment in Qtum

Since the creation of digital currency in 2009, many new coins have come on the cryptomarket. Today we’ll focus on Qtum (pronounced “quantum”).

Singapore-based Qtum Foundation launched the cryptocurrency’s mainnet in September 2017. Qtum was founded by three people: Patrick Dai (Qtum Foundation CEO), Neil Mahi (Chief Blockchain Architect) and Jordan Earls (Lead Developer). Investors include several crypto heavy hitters (think the founders of Ethereum and BitFund, OKCoin’s CEO and one of the Fenbushi partners).


The token is an open-source blend of Bitcoin and Ethereum, offering its own decentralized blockchain platform with a focus on reliability and decentralization. Qtum’s aim was to offer the best of both worlds. They kept the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Bitcoin’s code. This allowed them to create a reliable platform that can handle any coding, decentralized applications (DApp), or smart contracts. As Bitcoin and Ethereum improve, Qtum is able to incorporate those offerings.


Total Amount of Coins

Each virtual currency has a set amount of tokens it can create. Though neither Bitcoin nor Qtum are currently circulating all of their tokens, Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million coins whereas Qtum offers well over 100 million. The cost for entry into these two currencies is quite different, likely because of this. Currently Bitcoins are going for $10,653USD/BTC. QTUMS are going for $28.06USD/coin.

Transaction Processing Speed

Speed is important in the virtual currency world. Though the most popular, Bitcoin is also the slowest and most expensive cryptocoin, processing between 3 and 4 transactions per second. Qtum is much faster and has been clocked going as fast as over 60 tx/s.

Different Algorithms

Bitcoin’s proof of work algorithm is SHA-256. Qtum uses the proof-of-stake 3.0 consensusalgorithm instead.


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