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Ripple XRP Cryptocurrency

An Investment in Ripple XRP

Ripple XRP is one of the most divisive and misunderstood of all the cryptocurrencies currently available on the market- but learning where, and how to invest in ripple or its currency (XRP) can also be one of the most lucrative investments among any of the major crypto coins.

Launched in 2012, Ripple software was actually designed to connect different payment systems together.  The financial company’s focus involves selling their XRP-based software to banks and financial institutions; So far, they’re not just making a Ripple, their XRP currency is making a giant splash among financial juggernauts.  This has led to waves of speculation around its value, partnership rumors, and of course whether or not it has a “real use case”.

Like Ethereum, Ripple is commonly misunderstood to be the name of the currency itself. In actuality, much like Ethereum is the name of a payment software, and Ether is the name of the coin — Ripple is the name of the open payment network, while the cryptocurrency itself is called XRP.

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has done a tremendous job explaining how XRP can grow in value and why banks actually benefit from the increasing price of XRP. Check out the video below to learn more about one of Ripple’s breakthroughs within the crypto-tech space, a protocol deemed “xCurrent”.


  1. Cryptocurrency Mining: Whereas Bitcoins are mined by users themselves, XRP is not mineable, it can only be acquired through purchasing. This has many benefits and the primary factor leading many to believe that Ripple will soon be crowned as the king of crypto investments.
  2. Transaction speed: Bitcoin transactions must be individually approved by miners, whereas Ripple transactions do not, making Ripple transactions quicker to authorize.
  3. Information tracking: The Bitcoin network only tracks the movement of Bitcoin, whereas Ripple is able to track information of any kind, including account balance.

Ripple: A company on the rise

This direct quote from the Ripple team does a great job summarizing each of these points, and ultimately the reason why many feel that an XRP investment has great potential:

Bitcoin can process up to seven transactions per second, any of which can take more than two hours to clear. Compare that with a traditional payments service like Visa that averages 2,000 transactions per second and you can see that Bitcoin does not have the scalability to meet typical customer demands.

The speed and security of Ripple makes the payment network particularly attractive to large scale investors and institutions.  Analysts anticipate that we will see banks transition to Ripple’s payment system for their own day-to-day operations within our lifetime.  Similarly, investor interest in XRP on an individual level has continued to grow in popularity as well as price, since the currency was introduced just five years ago.


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