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An Investment in Status

There are literally hundreds of currencies available in the crypto ecosystem, probably with more on the way. Today we’ll talk about Status (SNT), an Ethereum and mobile based open-source token that enables users to message each other through the Ethereum platform.


The messaging aspect is Status’ most unique offering. When you combine that with ease of use for navigating of the biggest platforms in the cryptoverse, it’s easy to see why Status is a compelling coin option.


Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennets launched Status out of Singapore on July 20, 2017. They hope SNT will become a part of everyday life and do a good job of illustrating what that might look like in this short YouTube video. In it, an SNT holder was able to use the token to pay for coffee, interact with the cryptomarket and apply for (and get!) a decentralized graphic design job. He even sent sensitive materials using the browser, since it’s smart contract enabled.

Status can also be used to buy or sell insurance, other Ethereum virtual currencies, and artists can use it to share art. It offers a DApp directory (imagine an App store for the crypto world). Interestingly, because it aims to be a socioeconomic network, its biggest competitors are WeChat, WhatsApp and Line. They’re different of course in that they interact with the crypto world, but also in the level of privacy, security and ownership over your digital self that they can provide.


Total Amount of Coins

Each digital currency has a limited total supply of cryptocoins it can offer. Bitcoins has a total supply of 21 million tokens. There are over 6.5 billion SNTs.

Different Algorithms

Bitcoin’s proof of work algorithm is SHA-256. Status uses Ethereum’s proof-of-stake algorithm instead.


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