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An Investment in Stratis

Stratis is a secure blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform built on Bitcoin that focuses on corporate users, mostly financial institutions. Though it hasn’t been implemented yet, it’s SegWit ready, which many crypto holders find appealing.


Stratis, founded in the U.K. by Chris Trew and launched in August 2016, uses the $STRAT cryptocoin. The other major players on the Stratis team are Pieterjan Vanhoof, Jeremy Bokobza, Dan Gershony and Nicolas Dorier.


Stratis uses C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework to help companies create, test and launch apps. It uses C# specifically because of the newness of the programming language, which is in sharp contrast to the far older C++ used by Bitcoin. The platform is scalable, allowing for non-disruptive sidechains. Bitcoin doesn’t allow sidechains and has scalability problems.


Stratis aims is to make blockchain usage easy and offer consulting for businesses that want to use the platform but don’t know how.


Total Amount of Coins

Each cryptocoin has a total supply it can offer. Bitcoin’s comprised of 21 million BTC, compared to 98 million STRAT.

Different Algorithms

Bitcoin’s proof of work algorithm is SHA-256. Because of BTC’s PoW algorithm, coins are mined. Stratis uses a proof of stake consensus algorithm instead, so tokens are forged or staked.


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