Investing in Bitcoin

Investing In Bitcoin

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

  1. High Return on Investment — Today, Bitcoin is widely adopted and accepted around the world.  The very young currency gained favor with investors almost immediately when it was introduced as the first decentralized digital currency and it has only gained popularity since it was conceptually introduced in 2009.  An investment of $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 would be worth over $75 million today.
  2. Currency Hedge — Bitcoin’s limited supply guarantees that it cannot be devalued.  As such, Bitcoin services as a great hedge against inflation.
  3. Freedom from the Banks — Bitcoin is available online, 24/7, and minimizes fees you might expect from checking or savings accounts.  Most notably, when your money is in the form of Bitcoins, it is yours on demand, no subject to bank regulations or policies.
  4. Privacy and Security — Bitcoin is the only form of real private money today.  Due to its use of cryptography and multi-tiered identification systems, Bitcoin users’ can choose to remain virtually anonymous private citizens, not at the mercy of any bank or institution.

CryptoWallet IRA offers investors the opportunity to acquire and hold on to the currency of the future.  Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have demonstrated a tremendous opportunity for return, while remaining independent of the U.S. dollar’s vulnerabilities and devaluation. The U.S. dollar is very sensitive to movements in the markets, so if your 401k or IRA is outfitted with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds — it all hinges on the well-being of the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoin on dollars

Investors who lost their retirement in the great recession of 2008 are (justifiably) wary of sinking their hard-earned funds back into paper accounts, vulnerable to inflation and dollar devaluation.  Bitcoin was pioneered as an unmatched currency hedge, guaranteed to protect your funds from financial crises.

In addition to freedom from the banks and greater privacy and security than alternative investments, Bitcoin also offers a tremendous return on your investment!  Bitcoin has gained over 1,500% in value since the start of 2017, and this trend shows no indication of slowing down.

As businesses and investors across the world continue to embrace the evolving world of cryptocurrencies, these currencies are poised for continued growth.

A $200 investment in Bitcoin in 2011 would be world well over $1 million dollar today!

Your cryptocurrency investment funds will reside in your IRA account, just like stocks, cash, or gold might.  Your cryptocurrency is tax-advantaged, so you will receive tax benefits on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever digital currency you choose to contribute to the account.