Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was born out of a market demand to speed up and improve Bitcoin transactions.  A growing frustration with transaction time led to the division of the cryptocurrency into two alternate options in August 2017.

With traditional Bitcoin (BTC), only 7 transactions could be processed per second.  Each transaction could take up to 10 minutes to process, leading to the delay.  For comparison, the average credit card can process 1,000 transactions per second.

To speed up the verification process for Bitcoin transactions, the digital currency community overwhelmingly supported a technology called SegWit2x. This technology has been included into Bitcoin Cash (BCH), shrinking the amount of data needed to verify each block of Bitcoin transactions, and speeding up the process to approximately two million transactions processed per day.

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As of November 2017, Bitcoin Cash has a market cap of 20 billion dollars and a price of $1,240.  It is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency available, following big-sister coins Bitcoin and Ether, and surpassing cryptocurrency favorites Ripple and Litecoin.