Dash: Instant Payments Directly From Your Smartphone

The fact that Dash immediately attracted thousands of investors when it first launched in 2014 speaks for itself.  So why is the DASH crypto coin so popular?

The simple answer is speed.

Dash can rifle off a payment in a matter of seconds — a feat only a handful of other cryptocurrencies can do.  And it is speed that will make cryptocurrencies function in the real world.  Subsequently, we expect to see it in major stores and online shops.

Together with the option to make online payments anonymously, and the data security the blockchain provides, Dash has all the attributes online shoppers want in a cryptocurrency.

Dash has the potential to be the primary way of purchasing goods in local stores and retail shops.  And that’s what makes Dash digital tokens an excellent choice of investment.

What is Dash?

Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency that is capable of delivering safe payments instantly.  Not only that, there is no middleman involved which means end-users pay low transfer fees anywhere in the world.

The digital tokens provide a decentralized solution to the transfer of money in the digital space without the extortionate costs charged by banks and other money transfer companies.

The other primary feature investors find appealing is the option to send money privately.  This enables users to conceal your identity and value of the item you are purchasing and therefore helps protect your online data from the risk of cybercrime.

Dash also incorporates best-practices used in the payments industry — a feature other cryptocurrencies do not offer.  Data transactions lock within a matter of seconds which makes the tokens an ideal choice for point-of-sales transactions directly from your smartphone.

Why Invest in Dash?

  • Instant transactions and security make digital payments possible
  • Data transfers in seconds so you can spend from you smartphone
  • Secure data protection protocols give users peace of mind
  • Supported by a large community that will continue to grow
  • Dash is a regulated company that employs industry best-practices

Dash IRA Crypto Wallet

The benefit of investing in a cryptocurrency IRA is that you have more control over the type of investments you choose for your pension plan.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to add investment tools that have the potential to deliver a superior ROI than any other commodity on the current stock market.

Cryptocurrencies are big news because they can deliver big returns.  Subsequently IRA cryptocurrencies offer excellent opportunities for investors looking to significantly increase your spending power when you retire.

American workers that have been paying into 401(k) pension plans for the last twenty years are realizing the pension plans fall short of the income they were hoping for when they retired.

The reason for that is because standard pension plans only permit savers to invest in assets which return low yields.  Because of low interest rates during recessions, dollar-backed investments always lose money.

Self-Directed cryptocurrency IRAs work in exactly the same way as standard retirement funds except they give you a wider choice of investment vehicles to choose from — including the wealth of cryptocurrencies that promise to deliver a store of wealth that significantly boosts your spending power and allows you to enjoy your retirement.

What are the rules for opening a cryptocurrency IRA?

US legislation states that all pension funds have to held by a custodian that is approved by the IRS.  Custodians are typically banks, but at the time of writing most banks do not accept cryptocurrencies as a capital asset for a pension fund.

Investors that prefer to veer away from investment tools in the current financial system — which is a good idea — should look for a reputable custodian that entitles you to open a Dash IRA and purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies to accrue a store of wealth you can enjoy once you retire.

A reputable custodian will give you financial advice and help you reach a decision with regards the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.  When you speak with an advisor make sure they give you valid reasons for you to choose a particular cryptocurrency and don’t just accept their word for it.

It’s important to note that Self-Directed IRAs defer tax until after you retire, so take this into account in your savings plan.  You are also not permitted to access the funds in a crypto IRA wallet until you are at least 59 ½ years old except under special conditions allowed by the IRS.

A cryptocurrency IRA also has to be at least 5 years old before you can access funds so make sure you purchase a Dash IRA well in advance of your retirement.

Cryptocurrencies provide investors with an outstanding opportunity to build a store of wealth and increase your spending power when you retire.  Open your Dash IRA today and start saving for your retirement sooner rather than later.

We think Dash is primed for success! Open Your Crypto IRA Today


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