Many choose to invest in Ethereum because it is second-most widely-transacted and valuable digital currency — though the two technologies are significantly different in design.  Ethereum is the name of a specific blockchain-based platform designed by Vitalik Buterin and introduced to the public in 2014.  The Ethereum ICO raised $18 million in Bitcoin, the equivalent of 40 cents per Ether.

Ether's 2017 skyrocket

The blockchain technology developed using Ethereum technology allows for the creation of applications; a bi-product of the Ethereum team’s cutting-edge innovation is what crypto enthusiasts call an Ether token which allows for digital assets to transact.  Ethereum can be used as a store of code, unlike Bitcoin, and Ethereum allows decentralized applications to be built upon it — whereas Bitcoin can only be used for payment-related systems which are often too slow for day-to-day purchases.


Many investors are patiently waiting for any news regarding The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance before furthering their investment in Ethereum, which works with over 150 organizations and currently testing versions of Ethereum blockchain software in financial, industrial and energy-based applications.

There are many reasons why investors are intrigued most by Ethereum, among all other available cryptocurrencies, but much of the opportunity lies in the partnerships introduced through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance that includes MasterCardMicrosoft, JP Morgan Chase, and more!

Furthermore, Ethereum investors who are a little more passionate about their cryptocurrency of choice, will be sure to tell you about the wide variety of coins that have been build on top of the Ethereum blockchain.  In short, some of the most popular tokens wouldn’t even exist without Ethereum’s proof-of-work protocol that allows applications (or cryptocurrencies) to be built upon it. It’s really quite interesting, and we’d suggest exploring EOS, TRX, OMG, plus all of these — if you’d like to learn more.

As investors become increasingly interested in Ethereum technology, and as the world of cryptocurrency becomes less of a futuristic-imagining and more integrated into real-world transactions, Ether has become incrementally more valuable.  The value of the cryptocurrency made staggering gains, climbing over 3,500% in 2017.  Ethereum’s unique software is likely to revolutionize a number of industries, making buying and holding Ether a valuable addition to any portfolio.

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