Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens: The Future Of Money Transfer

Stellar Lumens is one of the shining stars of the Cryptocurrency galaxy. With a goal to cater for low earners, the platform is designed to provide every day people with access to low-cost payment gateways.

Not only that, but payments can made with Stellar Lumens digital tokens can be processed in a little as 2–5 seconds. This gives the Stellar platform a real-world advantage over rival cryptocurrencies.

If your already paying for your groceries using a mobile wallet, cryptocurrencies is the next logical step. And adding Stellar Lumens to a crypto IRA is an excellent opportunity to hoard some cash away for when you retire!

What is Stellar Lumens?

Stellar Lumens is a distributed payments infrastructure that enables users to make payments anywhere in the world. The key difference with the Stellar platform, however, is you won’t be subject to extortionate transfer fees banks currently charge.

Furthermore, the Stellar Lumen’s platform is quicker, reliable and more secure than current systems because it functions using blockchain technology, a decentralized platform that cuts out the middleman — and their fees!

Why Invest in Stellar Lumens?

  • Stellar Lumens is the future of cross-border transactions
  • The platform solves issues with outdated payment systems
  • Connects people to low-cost financial services
  • Speedy transaction times resolve payment issues other cryptos don’t
  • IBM has partnered with the Stellar team

Stellar Lumens IRA Crypto Wallet

Stellar Lumens not only represents an excellent investment opportunity, it is also eligible for a crypto IRA. With current pension funds accruing disappointing returns, Crypto IRAs provide a solution for worker to build a store of wealth and boost your spending power once you retire.

A cryptocurrency IRA wallet works in the same way as a regular individual retirement account. Investors are able to purchase assets with the goal of increasing your retirement fund whilst making significant savings on taxable income.

The key difference with cryptocurrency IRA’s however, is you are investing in assets that promise to deliver a far higher return than current pension plans that invest in low-yielding assets such as stocks, bonds and annuities.

Workers that have a 401(k), Roth 401(k) or existing self-directed IRA, can transfer the funds from these accounts into your cryptocurrency IRA.

The advantage this gives you is that all your assets are stored in a “cold wallet” which is impenetrable and allows you to invest in digital tokens like Stellar Lumens — an asset that will realistically give your retirement funds a boost.

What are the rules for opening a cryptocurrency IRA?

In accordance with US investment laws, retirement funds must be held by a custodian such as a bank or other financial company that is approved by the IRS.

When investing in a cryptocurrency IRA, it is vitally important that you choose a custodian you trust. Reputable custodians offer advice about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in to maximize your retirement fund and ensure you avoid penalties for breaching IRS regulations or reporting requirements.

The main problem with investing in digital tokens is the IRS treat cryptocurrencies as property. This means investors are required to file a tax return every year.

However, annual tax returns can be avoided by setting up a cryptocurrency IRA. Funds held in a retirement account are not taxed until you liquidate your assets once you retire.

Once you purchase cryptocurrencies for an IRA, you are not permitted to access your purchase and convert it into money until you reach retirement age — at least 59 and half years old. Your account also has to be at least five years old.

Cryptocurrencies provide investors with an outstanding opportunity to build a store of wealth that will increase your purchasing power upon retirement. So choose a cryptocurrency that promises to deliver a significant ROI.

We think Stellar Lumens is primed for success!

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Stellar Lumens

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