ZCash: The Cryptocurrency That Protects Your Data Privacy

ZCash: The Cryptocurrency That Protects Your Data Privacy

Data privacy and anonymity are a major concern with the digital revolution. Some online users are concerned that using the blockchain’s decentralized system will jeopardize privacy policy laws.


ZCash (ZEC) seeks to protect online shoppers by providing strong privacy protection. When you buy products or services, or any other form of money transfer, ZCash shields the transaction by concealing the identity of the sender, recipient and value of the transaction.


People have the right to remain anonymous and protect the personal data they share online. Because ZCash offers this, the ZEC cryptocurrency will be a popular choice of digital currency – thus representing an excellent investment tool to add to a cryptocurrency IRA.  


What is Zcash?


Although ZCash is based in the same decentralized blockchain of almost every other cryptocurrency, it offers end-users more data privacy privileges than other digital currencies.


For example, transactions made using Bitcoin can be traced and tracked. Although part of a users data is concealed when they use cryptocurrencies, the user’s identity is visible in the history of the blockchain. When you use ZCash, transactions are encrypted so you remain completely anonymous.


That’s not to say that people can use ZEC tokens for money-laundering or similar criminal activities. Transactions still have to be validated by the networks consensus protocol.


The key difference is that ZCash use a revolutionary encryption technology that cancels the identity of a user via ‘Zero-Knowledge Proofs, or zk-SNARKs. A zk-snark network is able to maintain a secure ledger of balances but without disclosing parties or amounts.


Why Invest in Zcash?

  • ZCash is a privacy enhancement tool that resolves current issues with unsecured data
  • The option to remain anonymous will appeal to users that are uncertain of decentralized public ledgers
  • Data protection policy gives users peace of mind
  • ZCash is collaborating with Ethereum – a front-runner in the crypto space
  • A gateway token between cryptocurrencies and blockchain (as an alternative to Bitcoin)

ZCash IRA Crypto Wallet


IRA crypto wallets offer an excellent opportunity for investors to save for retirement. Because ZCash (ZEC) qualifies as ‘property’, America investors are permitted to purchase the cryptocurrency as an asset held in a retirement fund.


Cryptocurrency IRAs work in exactly the same way as standard retirement fund. The big difference is that you are able to purchase cryptocurrencies – thus giving you are far greater choice of investment tools to choose from. Tax is also deferred until you distribute the assets.


Furthermore, investment tools you are permitted to invest in with a standard pension plan typically return low yields. American workers are bitterly disappointed with the pay out of their 401(k), and Roth 401(k) so are looking for alternative options that will give your spending power a boost once you finish work.


A ZCash IRA is one of the most promising alternatives. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to substantially increase in value over the next few years, and early adopters are best placed to earn more from your investment.


Buy a ZCash IRA now before its too late!


What are the rules for opening a cryptocurrency IRA?


In the United States, investment laws dictate that retirement funds must be held by a custodian. This typically means a bank or private financial institution that is approved by the IRS.


To date, there are not many banks that will allow you to hold cryptocurrencies – although that is likely to change at some point in the future. In the meantime, you should look for a reputable custodian that will help you purchase a cryptocurrency IRA and provide advice as to which digital tokens represent the best investments.


It should be noted that once you purchase cryptocurrencies for a self-directed IRA, you cannot access it until you reach retirement age – at least 59 and half years old. Your account also has to be at least five years old. There are exceptions however.

Cryptocurrencies provide investors with an outstanding opportunity to build a store of wealth and increase your purchasing power once you finish work. A ZCash IRA presents you with an excellent opportunity to invest in a promising new technology that has the potential to deliver a significant ROI.


We think Zcash is primed for success!

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