What Is Bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Explained

You may be wondering “what is Bitcoin?”, we will explain how to invest in Bitcoin, how to open a Bitcoin account, and how to trade Bitcoin.  You’re about to be introduced to the world’s hottest and fastest-growing investment… and just by visiting this website you’re going to see the huge opportunity laid before your very eyes.  It’s time to learn about Bitcoin.

What you may not realize is these cryptocurrencies aren’t just investments, but rather the future of the world economy.  Cryptographers have been developing the concept of digital money since the early 1990’s, and the most famous and widely-renowned cryptocurrency of our era was officially launched after the 2008 financial crisis. This cryptocurrency was Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the economy’s answer to a final failing of the banking system.  During the Great Recession, millions of powerless investors had to watch in horror as financial institutions and investment banks were brought to their knees, relying on federal funds to bail them out.  These institutions had been trusted for years, and finally crumbled as a result of risky lending.  After this collapse — the market saw new demand for currency that wasn’t regulated or entrusted in the hands of the government or financial institutions, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin were the manifestation of that demand.

Bitcoin would become the world’s first peer-to-peer digital currency, serving as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.  In its application, Bitcoin is a real world currency just like cash.  You can purchase goods and services with digital dollars just as you can with paper ones, and your crypto-transactions exist only between the two parties involved when it comes to trading Bitcoins — no fees or limitations like you could be subject to with a bank.

Since Bitcoin’s introduction in 2009, the appeal of person-to-person electronic currency transactions has gained steam.  The simplicity was appealing, the privacy was enticing, and the only concern became safety.  How legitimate would this phenomenon be?  Could digital money really work?  Could you really rely on a Bitcoin IRA?

Over the next decade, Bitcoin would prove itself to be a flexible, convenient currency, that quickly gained momentum among investors who may have been completely baffled by the concept just a few years prior.  Today, the cryptocurrency movement has roused a growing audience of investors, traders, and developers, keen to fine tune the use of Bitcoin as the currency of the future.

In April 2010, Bitcoin was valued at $0.003 against the US dollar.  Anyone investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies was considered to be insane.  Many market analysts dismissed Bitcoin as a passing phenomenon, but just a few short years later cryptocurrencies would become a Goliath in terms of growth.

By April 2017, Bitcoin zoomed past $1,300 in value.  One month later and Bitcoin surpassed the per unit cost of 1 oz of gold.  These astonishing leaps in the cryptocurrency’s value show no sign of slowing.
What’s more exciting is that it is now possible to buy Bitcoin with your IRA.

Bitcoin chart

Bitcoin amassed a staggering 800% explosion in growth over the course of 2017 alonedrawing lots of interest from once-speculative investors, and fast becoming the most in-demand currency of the modern era.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are becoming the “go to” investment within millions of investment portfolios.  Every year, millions of people just like you are looking to massively boost the value of their nest egg and more and more of them are turning to trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Just to prove the point to you have a look at this chart showing the number of investors fighting for a seat at the cryptocurrency table:

Number of Wallets from Blockchain.info

As of Dec. 31 of each year. 2017 figure is as of Oct. 12.

2011 – 406


2012 – 77,232


2013 – 966,885


2014 – 2,723,272


2015 – 5,439,181


2016 – 10,980,042


2017 – 17,515,831


In just six short years, over 17 million investors are staking their claims to the world’s hottest and fastest growing investment.  Think about how wealthy you’d be if you were one of those 406 people who invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies back in 2011.

Yet, even now the opportunity is still potentially titanic for you to reap spectacular earnings.  Except most investors make a critical mistake when they look to invest into cryptocurrencies… they ONLY focus on Bitcoin.

Of course, there’s millions of great reasons to focus on Bitcoin, but as you can see there’s many cryptocurrencies to take advantage of.

When we created the CryptoWallet IRA we wanted to give you the diversification and ability to hedge against risk that you would have with a traditional IRA while giving you the options to make some huge profits through a Bitcoin IRA.

What makes CryptoWallet one of the best Bitcoin IRA Companies?  Here’s just a quick run down of the advantages you can have with a CryptoWallet IRA:

#1 – Harness The Raw Earning Power Of Multiple Cryptocurrencies

As you’ve seen, there’s an infinite universe of cryptocurrency options in addition to Bitcoin.  Bitcoin’s name recognition makes it an investor-favorite, but it’s important to note that it is not the only option available to you when it comes to your cryptocurrency IRA.

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been introduced over the past decade, some of which are positioned for purchase at humbly low prices, but poised to skyrocket in value.  It’s an investor’s dream to have this sort of opportunity dropped on their lap.

CryptoWallet IRA Specialists, your Bitcoin advisors help navigate clients through the realm of cryptocurrency, and will ultimately create a customized investment portfolio to best suit your retirement plan.  

With CryptoWallet IRA you’ll have access to all the best cryptocurrencies, as well as a team of cryptocurrency specialists to help you maximize their potential.  We give you the freedom of owning a self directed Bitcoin IRA, coupled with the advice of expert Bitcoin advisors to guide you.

#2 – Fort Knox Level Security On Your Cryptocurrencies

You’re going to love the higher level of security and privacy you’ll enjoy with your CryptoWallet IRA.

Here’s why — We’ve partnered up with a world class online security firm called BitGo and they’re a hacker’s worst nightmare.

While they make it easy for you to access your CryptoWallet IRA investments… the hackers aren’t so lucky.  They’ve successfully protected over $8 billion dollars in cryptocurrency transactions.

By using “cold key storage” we will help protect your CryptoWallet IRA by giving you an offline method for safekeeping your money.

Unlike most investments and currencies, you get to sidestep banks, financial institutions, and greedy money transfer agents.  Most importantly, unlike credit cards, the odds of getting ripped off by a computer hacker is incredibly low.

Credit and debit cards get hacked every day.  However, your CryptoWallet IRA is virtually guarded by Fort Knox level security.  This makes a Bitcoin IRA the safest option on the market.

#3 – Hedge Your Bets Against Inflation

Here’s the beautiful part of cryptocurrencies: like gold, there’s only a finite supply of them.

The software that makes cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible has a built in currency-cap.  Because of this, there’s only so many of these digital dollars that can ever be in circulation, and many have yet to be mined.

Unlike paper money, no government can come in and pump up the supply of your cryptocurrencies and completely wreck their value.

This means, once your cryptocurrencies are comfortably resting in your CryptoWallet IRA no more will be produced, and the inflation-risk is eliminated.

#4 – IRS Approved

CryptoWallet IRA, just like your grandfather’s IRA, enjoys the same tax-deferred investment benefits.

Except, unlike slower growing stocks and bonds, with a Bitcoin IRA you have the opportunity to accelerate your retirement fund’s growth through cryptocurrencies…

All with tax-deferred gains!

Imagine having the rocket-propelled types of gains you could get with all the cryptocurrencies available to you… while hedging your risk against crashes.

Then having those same gains tax-deferred every single year until you’re ready to reap the rewards you so richly deserve.

#5 – Yes, you can buy stuff with cryptocurrencies

What good would any currency be if you couldn’t buy stuff with it right?

Every day major retailers are accepting payments with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Here’s just a few:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • WordPress
  • Zappos
  • PayPal
  • Tesla (yes, you can buy a car with Bitcoin!)

One-Year Change in Prices for Top Cryptocurrencies

NEM – 10,617%


RIPPLE – 4,568%


ETHEREUM – 2,308%


DASH – 1,932%




BITCOIN – 370%


June 12, 2016 to June 11, 2017
Source: Coinmarketcap.com