BitGo, Cryptowallet IRA’s Digital Currency Security, Acquired Kingdom Trust to Offer Investors More Safety And Control

BitGo, Cryptowallet IRA’s Digital Currency Security, Acquired Kingdom Trust to Offer Investors More Safety And Control

BitGo’s acquisition of Kingdom Trust cements the foundation of the continued success and growth of digital currencies. With these extra security measures and blockchain technology being merged into the financial sector, the future looks very bright for cryptocurrencies.

— Jonathan C. Rose, CEO of CryptoWallet IRA

Thursday, January 24, 2018 BitGo, a Digital Currency Security Company with over $10 billion transactions a month, announced the acquisition of independent, qualified custodian of over $12 billion assets, Kingdom Trust.

Combining BitGo’s market-leading digital currency security protection with Kingdom Trust’s unique and innovative custody solutions makes the company the only provider of onsite and online protection for digital currency investments.

Global financial markets have longed for an end-to-end solution offering both the technology to secure digital currencies as well as the … controls necessary to integrate into mainstream financial portfolios.

— Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo

While before the big responsibility of safety laid with the investor…

Now the new end-to-end solution makes it easier than ever to enter the cryptocurrency market. Without needing to assume responsibility for safeguarding.

Both companies are working toward safety of money and assets. BitGo and Kingdom are building products for the future — marrying the new technology with the safety and controls all investors require.

— Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo

Who Are BitGo and Kingdom Trust?

BitGo has established itself as the digital security leader, and Kingdom Trust has served as a 40 Act qualified custodian for almost a decade and has developed the expertise required by institutional investors necessary for compliance with the Act…

— Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo

What Does This Mean For Investors?

The revolutionary acquisition of the traditional custodian company by a blockchain software company benefits investors in many ways.

This move enabled them to combine the new technology of cryptocurrency with the safety and control of traditional finance.

Furthermore, Kingdom Trust now enables the registered investment advisors ((RIAs) of “high-networth individuals” to add Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum to their portfolios.

Which means that the “1%”, who were unlikely to get themselves a Coinbase account, are now looking to enter the digital currency market and profit too!

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